LED Submersible Lights

//LED Submersible Lights
  • led submersible lights-remote control

LED Submersible Lights


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LED Submersible Lights – Remote control

7,5cm Diameter
Remote control
13 colours
Battery Operated
3xAAA batteries not included
Waterproof and 100% submersible

Out of stock

Product Description

LED Submersible Lights

These LED Submersible Lights  are fully submersible and can be used in pools,fishponds or Jacuzzis.They are multi functional and can also be used as table decoration or in lanterns

”LEDs are solid state lighting devices that utilize semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas. An LED light is a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure, which makes LEDs far sturdier than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Since LEDs don’t use fragile components such as glass and filaments, LEDs are able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature.”



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