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Festive Lights – Lights for all Occasions

We have Lights for all Occasions from Lights for Weddings, Parties, Lights for Private homes, Christmas, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Guest Houses, Lodges, Corporate Functions, Street Poles and Municipality Lighting.

We sell a VERY BIG variety of Lights and we are one of the few companies that are able to do customized products.

Look no further – we have great products combined with excellent service.

All Motifs are SOLD OUT – New stock will only be available by end of August.

ALL our Lights are approved by the NRCS


Updated 12 July 2021

Open on Appointment


Who and Where are we ?

Festive Lights are importers and exporters of Decorative Lights and have been operating since 2003.
We specialize in Christmas lights and also in lights for Weddings, Parties and Functions. We are situated in Waverley in Pretoria

Christmas, Weddings and Parties

We have the lights you need

Whether it’s making up your walls for Christmas with your kids, setting the vibe for your evening garden party or creating the right atmosphere for your wedding – our lights will suit your needs.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

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Order from anywhere

We accept online, email orders and showroom orders

Order from anywhere

You can place an order on this website, or send us an email with what you want. You can also visit our showroom in Pretoria!


Whether you're in Pretoria, Port Elizabeth or Pofadder

Courier to your door

We offer courier delivery throughout South Africa de este sitio. If you place an order via email, just add your delivery address. (not applicable on RENTALS)

Swipe your card

We support MasterCard and Visa

Credit Card facilities at our showroom

We have Credit Card facilities at our showroom in Pretoria

Happy Customers

Great service = Happy Customers


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