Rope Light

All our Rope Light comes with 36Bulbs p/m and 13mm in Diameter (10m=360Bulbs , 20m=720Bulbs)

All our Rope Light are superior quality and approved by the NRCS (SABS)

All Rope Light are UV Protected and no colour fading or sticky Rope Light will take place.

Our Rope Light are 100% waterproof and therefore will last you a long time

The 13mm Rope Light can be cut on every 2m – you can order lengths from 10m to 100m (the minimum order is 10m)

Controllers provides 8 patterns. ( fading, flashing, steady-on, twinkle etc )

Power cables provides only static Rope Light (only steady-on)

Be careful not to buy cheap immitations, with our Rope Light you get value for your money