25m Naked Bulbs

//25m Naked Bulbs

25m Naked Bulbs


25m Naked Bulbs

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25m Black Cable

20 Different Edison Bulbs

20 Drops with different lengths 800mm / 600mm / 400mm



25m Naked Bulbs

The 25m Naked Bulbs are beautiful for any event

These trendy naked bulbs are very popular for weddings and functions



The oldest and largest category of light source, the incandescent creates light by heating a filament with electricity until it becomes so hot it shines. Incandescent lights waste a lot of energy as most of the electricity used to create illumination escapes in the form of heat. Over the years, numerous innovations have emerged to make incandescent lighting more efficient and to use less power, overall.

The familiar “Edison-base” bulb is still the most common light source in most residential applications. It’s cheap, effective, and produces plenty of high-quality light. Used for general purpose lighting—such as table lamps, chandeliers, and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, these bulbs are designed to distribute light in all directions for general illumination.

Can you believe that up to 90% of the energy that these light bulbs consume produces heat? That’s never a good thing, and these bulbs have been known to combust when used in the wrong wattage lamp! However, manufacturers are working on creating a new design of incandescent light bulbs, which is supposed to reduce energy usage by 25% maximum.

This type of lights was factually the only existing source of electric powered light for more than 100 years. These lights are most cheap and thus most popular for now, but consume a lot of electric power. The energy is used to heat up the filament, and when it is hot enough it begins to glow. The benefits of incandescent bulbs are that they are cheap and produce a beautiful warm light, while the problem is that 90% of energy is simply wasted. Also the lifespan of these bulbs is very short about 1000 hours.




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