LED Red Candy Canes


LED Red Candy Canes

Plant your LED Red Candy Canes in your garden or make a straight path up to 12m long with them.Very popular with kids.They come in red and white or a set 8 colored RGYB canes.


”The Christmas Candy Cane originated in Germany about 250 years ago. They started as straight white sugar sticks.

A story says that a choirmaster, in 1670, was worried about the children sitting quietly all through the long Christmas nativity service. So he gave them something to eat to keep them quiet!

Sometimes other Christian meanings are giving to the parts of the canes. The ‘J’ can also mean Jesus. The white of the cane can represent the purity of Jesus Christ and the red stripes are for the blood he shed when he died on the cross. The peppermint flavor can represent the hyssop plant that was used for purifying in the Bible.”






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