Marquee Letters

Marquee Letters


Marquee Letters

90cm in Height

R280 per letter

Available Letters : A, D, E, G, I, L, M, N, O, R, S, T, V, &

LED Cool white Bulbs

Letters in black


Marquee Letters

Brand NEW and very POPULAR.Marquee Letters for your wedding is a must.

Your guests will be amazed and the party will be rocking with these letters in lights.Just imagine the beautiful photos with the word ‘LOVE’ behind you and your partner.We will also have the Letters MR & MRS as well as MNR & MEV and VEGAS avaible

Also very popular for photoshoots

”A marquee is most commonly a structure placed over the entrance to a hotel or theatre. It has signage stating either the name of the establishment or, in the case of theatres, the play or movie and the artist(s) appearing at that venue. The marquee is often identifiable by a surrounding cache of light bulbs, usually yellow or white, that flash intermittently or aschasing lights.”




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