Waving Santa with Bag

//Waving Santa with Bag


Santa waving with Bag

Santa waving with bag is a Christmas Motif made out of Rice Bulb Rope Lights.The colors are red,warm white, yellow  and green



”BENEFITS OF LED LIGHTING. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs are small, solid light bulbs which are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. LEDs operate differently than traditional incandescent light bulbs

  • Wiring: The basic design involves stringing together bulbs on a wire and then encasing the wire in a clear plastic jacket. The number of wires depends on the functionality required of the rope light. A basic rope light has two wires, which generally allows users to make bulbs dim or flash. However, a rope light with three wires allows greater functionality including chasing, dimming and flashing.



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