Wisemen and Baby

//Wisemen and Baby


Wisemen and Baby

Our Wisemen and Baby is one of very few nativity scenes that is available on the market.This unique Wisemen and Baby is made from Colored Rope Light with flashing star


  • ”Wiring: The basic design involves stringing together bulbs on a wire and then encasing the wire in a clear plastic jacket. The number of wires depends on the functionality required of the rope light. A basic rope light has two wires, which generally allows users to make bulbs dim or flash. However, a rope light with three wires allows greater functionality including chasing, dimming and flashing.
  • Tube: The outer plastic tube is also an important feature that greatly affects the end use of any rope light. A rope light with relatively wider plastic tubing is more durable to external elements but less flexible. Thinner plastic tubing, on the other hand, is far more flexible but less robust. Generally, rope lights for heavy use outdoors feature thicker plastic casings while those used for more decorative purposes indoors have relatively thin plastic casings.
  • Voltage: Rope lights in the United States are generally sold in three different voltages: 12 volts, 24 volts and 120 volts. Generally, the 12 volts and 24 volts variants are better suited for situations where a battery is used to power the lights. Hence, this is the best option for cars, boats, etc. The 120-volt version is more appropriate for household or industrial lighting requirements.



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